Insulated Garage Doors – What`s all the Fuss About?

With the cost of heating constantly on the rise and space now at a premium for the UK`s housing stock it is essential that you make it as energy efficient as possible.
In many cases this will simply involve adding additional loft insulation, the installation of double glazed windows and possible having insulation blown into cavity walls.

However where the garage is attached to the main part of the house most people will not consider making improvements to this area at all despite the fact that the garage opening will form the largest thermal break in the property and as a result is able to allow warm air from inside the home to escape outside.

As such if you are serious about making your property as energy efficient as possible it is strongly advisable to install an insulated garage door to help restrict heat loss in winter and thermal gain during the warmer summer months. With lots of options now available within the UK, the long term cost savings off of heating bills can be quite significant and over a period of 10 years will more than offset the additional purchase price of the door against a traditional un-insulated design.

 How do Insulated Garage Doors Work?

Available in a choice of designs, insulated roller doors and sectional doors are constructed in a similar manner using a double skin of steel or aluminium with an integrated foam filled core. As a result of the thermal properties the insulation provides the door will help to reduce heat loss making the internal space of the garage much easier to maintain a constant temperature which in turn leads to increased temperatures around the other parts of the home.

In addition to the insulation, the panels also overlap the back of the opening and have rubber seals fitted at the top, sides and bottom of the door which are designed to prevent draughts entering the garage making them that much more thermally efficient.

How much do they Cost?

Compared to a cheap traditional up and over style door a thermally efficient insulated design may seem excessively expensive however when you look at all the benefits they will offer it is obvious why they are continuing to increase in popularity each year.

As a general cost comparison a standard 7ft x 7ft un-insulated option may cost in the region of £200-£300 compared to £900.00 for the same size insulated sectional or roller garage door.

What other Benefits do they Offer?

In addition to the obvious benefit of having insulation this type of garage door will also offer many other benefits as detailed below;

Improved Security – As a result of the door being much thicker than a standard one piece design they are extremely rigid making them much more difficult to break through. Additionally because most doors are automated as standard no exterior lock is required removing the possibility of someone picking the lock or simply smashing it off.

Made to Measure Sizes – Due to the bespoke nature of the door most manufacturers will offer made to measure sizes as standard to guarantee the best possible fit and therefore the most efficient levels of thermal efficiency.

Space Saving Design – Featuring a vertical lift design the bottom of the door panel does not kick outwards as it opens. This makes accessing the garage far easier should a car be parked close to the entrance (something which seems to be getting more and more prevalent as driveways seem to be getting shorter and shorter on new build properties).

In conclusion, if you are serious about reducing your monthly heating bills one of the most effective steps you can take is to install an insulated garage door to your home from the likes of Gliderol or Seceuroglide.

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