Central London

Central London Commercial Property

Central London is one of the homes of British business. There are many industries that you will find in the bustling streets surrounded by landmarks and historic buildings.

One such area is Fitzrovia, home of called Fitzroy Square. This area was first created by John Adams and gives the feeling of living in a beautiful and inviting European city. If you decide to base your business in Fitzrovia, then everything is within walking distance. There are no worries about transportation because you can enjoy a nice stroll to work or anywhere else in this area.

You can find Fitzrovia in the centre of London, just a little north of Oxford Street and on the south side of Euston road. Other than Tottenham Court and Fitzroy Square, there are many small streets and unique shops when you think of Fitzrovia.

The UK’s advertising and film industry, along with many different internet companies, reside in this location. More people and businesses are moving here each year. Buildings that once housed offices are being turned into unique workplace areas, as well as residential areas.

Bloomsbury is located to the east of Fitzrovia. This area offers beautiful gardens that the public can visit along with Victorian terraces. You can find the British Museum in this area along with the University of London. There are many landmarks to see here, such as The BT Tower. If you travel around then you are sure to find many lovely homes to admire. The new renovations to The Brunswick Centre have really given Bloomsbury a new look. You will find many charming shops and restaurants here too.

You can enjoy an artistic feel unique to Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury. Many famous artists and writers have lived here; a historical area that was home to a variety of people.

Homes in these areas: You can rent both big Georgian houses and flats that have been turned into homes above different shops near Gower Street, Tottenham Court Road, and Russell Square.

Fitzroy Square contains many types of resident. Many different people live in this area from investors, to families, to the wealthy and famous. You can find judges living in this area as well as barristers from the High Court. Actors, artists, and writers all reside here too. In Fitzroy Square, Ian McEwan has a home. Guy Richie has bought property in Fitzrovia, along with the actress Gillian Anderson and even Lady Gaga!

Fitzrovia is W1 postcode and Bloomsbury is in WC1. Bloomsbury offers many garden squares that are open to the public and fill with office workers on their lunchtimes. Coram’s Field is a playground and animal farm popular with local children and Regent’s Park is close by.

You can find a place to swim called The Oasis located on Endell Street. There is an indoor pool and a heated pool that is open all year. You can go to Renoir Cinema for art films and there is an Odeon multiplex in this area too.

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