fireplace mantels and surrounds

Tips to Choose the Best Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Looking to add warmth to your home and make it invite? Fireplace must be your first choice. The fireplace is made up of components like a mantel, a fire box and surround. It is the mantel, which offers the fireplace a distinctive kind of look that enhances the resale value of any home, and gives it an impressive look.

  • Available in assorted styles and price ranges, the mantel can simply transform the look of the fireplace. The entire room will acquire a decorative and stylish appeal.
  • A fireplace surround, as the name suggests, is the architectural element, which surrounds the fireplace to offer safety and aesthetic benefits. You can choose a solid wood or a laminated wood fireplace having the fireplace surround, which can add the element of romance to the room.
  • Prior to shopping for fireplace mantels and surrounds, you must measure the hearth, the fireplace facing and the other essential elements. With the exact figures in your hands, you can find the perfect mantel and surround for your purpose.
  • The most popular choice for mantel is either laminated wood or solid wood. Solid wood is indeed an expensive option among the two but still laminated wood is a realistic choice, which will not cost you a fortune.
  • Well, speaking about the wood options, they are cherry, oak, pine and a few laminate wood options may also be availed.
  • When you choose the wood mantel for your home, do consider the material of the furniture or the existing wood which is prevalent all throughout the home. Fireplace mantels may also be made from stones, either created or real.

Material Options for Mantel

Choosing the Perfect Surround

When you are choosing the mantel, do consider the surround you are choosing. Some of the popular choices in surrounds include tile, stone, brick and the materials that are not combustible. Choose mantels that tend to coordinate well with the surround. Fireplace mantels can add a beautiful and aesthetic touch to the room. It is very important to choose a fireplace mantel, which is easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, you must choose a mantel that blends well with the rest of the interior décor of your home.

Consider the Desired Style of The Room

When you choose the fireplace mantel, do consider the style of the room you wish to attain. This is important since the room must have a complete feel.

  • The color, the style of the mantel must compliment your furniture pieces. If fireplace is to be installed in the living room, simple style of mantel will do.
  • For a room having a traditional look, you can go for marble mantle. However, if you are in limited budget, go for veneer stone. Having the appearance of the real stone, veneer stone is still less expensive.

The Color of The Mantel

The Color of The Mantel

If you choose wood material for mantel, it will need paint or stain. Some of the choices in paint are black or white. But, for the stain route, you may choose among the variety of finishes. Varnish must be applied in multiple coats. There is multiple color of stones among which choices can be made. Choose the color that matches with the curtains, furniture. In fact, one enjoys a lot of versatility when choosing the color of the mantel.

A fireplace surround not only adds to the beauty of the fireplace and the room but also it enhances the level of safety. It offers protection from fire and thus the fireplace becomes more enjoyable. Measure your fireplace in advance before choosing a surround. You can customize the fireplace surrounds from a wide array of options from the online portals. The size, weight, color and design can vary and so does the cost.

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