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How to create an illusion of space

It’s no surprise that most home buyers are more attracted to houses with plenty of space than cramped, tiny studio apartments. But even if your own property is small, there are plenty of ways to create an illusion of space by following a few simple hints and tips. Reigate estate agent, Robert Leech says, “By using the right colours and designer tricks it’s possible to make any room look bigger and more attractive to buyers.”

The first thing to remember if you’re wanting to create an illusion of space is that light colours are your friends. Creating a white canvas immediately makes a room look bigger and more airy, but if you’re looking for something a little softer try light neutral tones, tinted whites and pastels like pale creamy yellow. Using the same colour paint on skirting boards and window frames will add to the illusion, opening up the space and fooling the eyes into seeing a larger area.

Make the most of mirrors. Designers have long used mirrors to create an illusion of space, and today there are a multitude of styles and effects to choose from. A large full length mirror is a great way to open up a room and immediately reflects light; another handy tool for making rooms feel bigger.

Use the same flooring throughout. “Having different coloured floors in each room can make smaller spaces seem cramped” says Garrett Whitelock, estate agent in London Bridge. As well as creating a slightly chaotic, mismatched effect. If each room has the same type of floor, your living space will flow much more freely and feel larger.

Hang your lighting low. Although it may seem as though low lamps will make a space seem smaller, it can actually have the opposite effect. As Lawsons and Daughters says, “Keeping lights at around eye level creates fewer shadows, which is particularly handy if you’re looking to sell during the darker Winter months. “

Don’t skimp on the curtains. Clever use of curtains and blinds can also help your rooms look bigger- use a curtain pole that extends beyond the length of the window to create an illusion of space and lighter colours also makes the room feel lighter and brighter.

Clear the clutter! One of the biggest enemies of space, clutter can make even the grandest living room feel cramped and claustrophobic. According to Wimbledon estate agent Robert Holmes, “Clutter is a sure fire way to scare potential buyers off. Very few people want to buy a house that’s full of junk, so clear away as much as you can and keep surfaces clean and tidy if you’re serious about selling.”

Following these simple tricks won’t just help you sell more quickly, it can also have a positive impact on your home’s value. You Choose Windows says, “An untidy house can make buyers drop their offers by around £8,000, so if you want to get your asking price it’s wise to be tidy!”

Cabinets Designs for Kitchen

Extensive Benefits of Adhering to Custom Cabinets Designs for Kitchen

When it comes to designing kitchen, one of the most essential units required in every kitchen are cabinets. Now, you can easily avail the extensive variety of stock cabinet ranges available in the market and fit in your kitchen. However, in most of the cases, even after getting the best cabinets in market, ultimately it does not offer you optimum utilization of your spaces and in most of the cases, you have to compromise with the designs, layout, styling, one or the other factor. Custom cabinets on the other hand, offers you complete liberty of design, since they are mostly made at your place according to your space, available specifications of measurement, and of course, detailed requirement of design. Thus, you are at an advantage of not only specifying your required design, utilizing maximum space, make choice of material but also in getting the best possible looks for your kitchen.

Ultimate Utilization of Space and Maximum Storage

The best part about getting custom cabinetry solution for your kitchen is that you can accordingly get small size, mid-size, and even corner cabinets, lower cabinets, and choose the internal design as per your preference. Besides, custom cabinets’ manufacturers are capable of incorporating exclusive patterns of hinges, door types, framing beads, panels, pullouts, hardware, and slides as per client’s requirement. This facility is available only in custom cabinetry and not stock or semi-custom cabinets available in the market. This means installing pocket doors for hiding utilities out of sight, or bi-fold hinges for doors to open and close accordingly are easier with custom designs of cabinets.

Besides this, you can make use of maximum space and get optimum storage solution for your kitchen. Most cabinets available in the market come in generic measurement, fit for most spaces. However, fitting those may keep some unutilized space still available inside the kitchen. However, you design your cabinets in a custom order, every corner; every bit can be designed well. Moreover, you can accordingly seek for lower cabinets, wall hanging cabinets, sliding doors, small drawers for cutlery set, etc.

Choice of Material

It often happens with readymade cabinets, which you get from the market that the materials are not up to the mark and within few years, they start deteriorating. However, when you decide to get custom designed cabinets even the choice of the materials to be used are of your own choice. Starting from waterproof materials to the laminations, special bi-fold hinges, or slider doors, you can get the best materials for your cabinets.

Design and Elegance

You may even seek for special interior designer’s opinion to build custom cabinets.In such cases, not only you can get the best design, best material, but even the best look for your kitchen, as well. Custom cabinetry undoubtedly offers a touch of aesthetic elegance to your kitchen with designer cabinets, exclusive built, modern, traditional or rustic appeal, as you choose. Besides that, you make a statement with your kitchen by installing the best of cabinets with the custom hoods, turnings, brackets, etc.

Apart from these, you may not have noticed specifically, but most of the stock cabinets come in a common 5’8” height. However, if you are 5’2” or even taller with more than 7’ height then these readymade cabinets are definite to pose problem. However, if you go for custom cabinetry designs, you can accordingly fix the height and adjust any measurement as required. Therefore, you can avail a wide range of advantages by installing custom designs in cabinets instead of stock ones. Besides, you can choose to select eco-friendly materials like wood instead of other materials.

Make Your Living Space Beautiful With Designers Patios

Make Your Living Space Beautiful With Designers Patios

Many homeowners are turning to extensions or conversions in order to make their property more valuable to prospective buyers. With the downturn coming from a failed global economy, there is little financial space for most buyers, and sellers can find that they are sitting on a home which loses equity each year, but no-one wants to buy. Rather than having to stick with a house which isn’t marketable, you could try a number of options. One popular way to add value to the house without breaking the bank is to create affordable patio designs including outdoor living rooms.

The quickest way to add value to the property is by creating extra living space, and a patio does that nicely. Diamond Services is the best company that provide the vast range of patios, landscaping. Many homeowners turn to outdoor living spaces in order to get the maximum from the home, and choose to add a patio and roof design in order to create the perfect living space for a family, for entertaining, or simply for enjoying the summer evening as a couple. Creating this type of patio is one of the most cost-effective ways to option up the house, and to add another room without having to knock through parts of the existing house. By constructing these living spaces, many homeowners turn a standard house into something much more desirable, making it easier to sell the property.

If you don’t want to create another room, but do want to add value to the home with a patio, then you have several options. You could have a team of patio installers Essex from professional driveway professionals like Diamond Services to create a paver design for your patio, making it unusual and a feature of the property. You could also use pavers to create a walkway to other external areas, such as a swimming pool or fire pit. For the best type of quality patios, homeowners should consider Diamond Services for pavers and resin bound surfacing. Artificial grass is one of the most popular ways to create an outside space, and modern technology means that your outdoor area will be transformed into luxury living space. In order to learn what type of patio design is right for your property, you need to seek the advice of Diamond Services, patio installation experts in Essex.

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