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Living in Chelsea

We all know that Chelsea is well known for its fashionable aura, up market shopping and the famous football stadium. But what is it like to live in this chic West London area, located along the River Thames?

For those who are currently living in Chelsea, residents know that this place is host to some of London’s largest events and museums and home to various trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, which appeal to everyone. Here’s the inside scoop from Best Gapp, an estate agents in Chelsea.

Live and Let Buy

Chelsea is considered the wealthiest borough and is a prime residential area in London, offering a wide range of stunning mansion flats and stylish townhouses, while there are many riverside flats and houses alongside the Thames.

So if you are looking to live in this prestige area make sure you can afford it. The properties will be characteristic and of high quality, but you will be paying a first-class rate for this location.

Fine Dining

The majestic borough of Chelsea is famous for its successful, multinational atmosphere and has some of the greatest shopping and dining spots in the whole of London.  If you want to indulge in afternoon tea and cakes or enjoy a fine British a la carte menu than head over to Bluebird Restaurant, where you can also relax and enjoy a Bloody Mary, cold pint of beer or a champagne cocktail.


If you are willing to splash out with your cash, than unwind at The Chelsea Day Spa which offers a selection of treatments from manicures and pedicures to waxing to massages to fancy facials.

Or for a more in depth relaxation experience, head over to Ushvani, which was voted ‘best UK day spa’ this includes an oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Chelsea. This luxurious spa offers a pool, treatments and steam facilities which are suitable for both male and female guests. You will be sure to experience the perfect mix of spa extravagance, soothing therapies and supreme service.


We are all aware of the famous National Army Museum in Chelsea, right? This historical attraction not only educates but inspires, challenges and entertains the public; giving a real insight into the British Army and how it affected the culture, government and laws of society. If you want to brush up on your history knowledge, than this is the ideal place for you.

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Little Venice London

The area of Little Venice in London

Tucked away in North West London, where the Grand Union Canal meets the Regent’s Canal, there’s a pretty place known affectionately as Little Venice. Located just north of Paddington Station, the area is mostly made up of W2 and W9 postcodes. Getting to Little Venice is easy as Warwick Avenue tube station is right in the middle. This underground station famously features in a song by Duffy that was released in 2008.

The streets of Little Venice are lined with trees and have small, secret gardens. The buildings are a mixture of Victorian and Edwardian period structures and some imposing stuccoed mansions. Along the river there are colourful house boats adorned with potted plants. The area is like an oasis in London and it attracts a diverse population of residents.

Historically, this area wasn’t as attractive as it now appears. Before the canal was made in 1801, Paddington was just a little village on the outskirts of London. Houses began to spring up along the new waterways. The Church Commissioners owned many of them, but it was scruffy and dirty. As the canals became more important roads were laid and some more wealthier people moved in.

After the Second World War, which saw so much destruction in London, this district was updated and slowly became the popular place it is now. Some of the splendid Italianate houses that used to be there have been lost, along with a number of Georgian terraces. The area behind Browning’s Pool, which is a very wide section of the canal, has changed meaning there is less water there now. This goes unnoticed by most people, though, as there is still a lovely feeling of open space.

Tourism doesn’t play a big part in Little Venice, but there are plenty of reasons for visitors to spend time here. The canals have long walkways beside them and these are popular with families, couples and dog walkers. There are swans, ducks and geese to watch and feed along the way. It’s possible to walk to Regent’s Park and London Zoo if you follow the tow path. There is a regular boat service which can be caught here too.

Along the water are some small caf’es and bars which are lovely places to spend an evening. The Waterside Caf’e and the Warwick Castle Pub are two of the best-known spots to go to. There is also the Canal Caf’e Theatre which is a small venue specialising in comedy. The children also have a Puppet Theatre barge.

Shopping in Little Venice is limited to small, boutique-style shops. There aren’t many high-street brands to be found just here. With Paddington close by, and the centre of London only two miles away, every kind of shop ever needed is available not too far away.

The canals are the dominant feature of Little Venice and the water gives this part of London its individual look and feel. It is a beautiful part of the city, loved by its residents and visitors alike. The prices of the houses are rising along with district’s popularity.

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paris from above

World’s Best Smart Cities

We should know about the features of a smart city before pointing out the best smart cities of World. The word “Smart” includes good management system, transport, health care, good relationship with the citizen, water and wastages etc. A smart city also has digital technologies, modern electronic equipments, and other numerous facilities. A smart city is also known as knowledge-based city, information city, mesh city etc. A smart city is that which solve these problems by their intelligent technological infrastructure. Here some best smart cities of the world are being discussed:

Vienna - Vienna has all the qualities to be a smart city. It has well-equipped infrastructure, eco-friendly city, information technologies, smart transport system. Vienna’s efficient planners use very improved programmes like Smart Energy Vision 2050, Action Plan 2012-2015, Road Map 2020 to make Vienna bold smart city.

Chicago - Some parts of the city are developed as free wi-fi zone and fast broadband. Not only that the city is also announced as   “City as Platform” which refers to the governance easily can contact with the public and collect necessary data. These features establish Chicago as an improved innovated smart city.

India - Airwil Organic Smart City is a newly developed township project which proves itself in every sphere. It designs almost 75 acres land to provide the best quality services and to improve the city lives by fulfilling the requirements of the citizen. Greater Noida has been developed with high class technologies, amenities, greenery, eco-friendly environment, nice residents and well-improvised commercial fields. The residents and tourists enjoy the entertainment packages as there are many club houses, shopping malls, IT spaces, retail shops and restaurants. In a word, Noida has become magnificent due to this smart city concept which is fulfilling the basic requirements of the people all time.

Toronto - Toronto is an active participant among Clinton 40 megacities. It has a good transport system and has all the transit facilities around the world. Recently Toronto has started using natural gas and this becomes so interesting because it gives power to the garbage trucks of the city.

Rio-de-Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro is known as a centre of operations. It uses a forecasting system that continuously reports about the weather, topographic surveys, rain fall. The city has a smart system market and it is also a eco-friendly nature.

Paris - The main facilities which has highlighted Paris as a smart city are digital governance, hi-fi technology, green atmosphere, and also low-carbon economy.

New York - New York is a very important smart city as it invests modern upgraded technologies to make their resources efficient. It has recently launches IBM Business Analytics Solution Centre in 2009. Using innovated and well-techniqued communication, it solves the water and energy, transport, and health problems.

London - London has maintained its tradition and reputation well. Car parking services and map data is available in each and every road. Modern technologies like smart phone apps make the citizen more comfortable with the services provided by the city.

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