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Guide to Selling Your Home in London’s Competitive Housing Market

If you have made the final decision to move on to a new house and not sure where you should start, then you have come to the right place. Our guide on selling your home will help you walk through the sales process and you can get some tips on selling your home without much hassle. These days you must have heard a great deal in news about how the prices in the UK property market are rising and the need to consult East Dulwich estate agents becomes necessary. Although this is almost true of London and the South East, it is not the case in other areas of the country. In other parts of the world, there is hope for a quick sale, where the country will be much aware that the housing market will remain sluggish and the selling conditions will remain a long shot.

There are a number of reasons why people need to sell their property quickly, whether it is for the reason of relocation, repossession, or arrival to the family. If you are in a position where you have to sell your house quickly and need to the highest sale price, then here are some of the top tips on how you can sell your house quickly in London’s slow market.

Prepare for the Sale

Although it may be obvious, many people overlook the fact that first impressions matter. If you decide to sell your home, you have to prepare your property for sale foremost in your mind. It is not something difficult to do but the results can be astonishing. A valuable advice is to concentrate on the kerb appeal of your property, declutter it and spruce up the front of your home. It is also best that you work with your agents such as those at Fish Need Water, who could guide you on the property. Similarly, you can also clear some day to day objects such as your laundry, Hoovers and also toiletries to make a massive difference to how people perceive your home. The more you clean your home, the more response you will get from the people who come into view your property.

The key thing here is to remember is that buyers can visualize themselves in your home and they are likely to love it. You should remove personal effects, branded goods and more from sight to help the guests or viewers picture what it would look like when they move and live in your property, hence increasing the interest you will receive when your house hits the market.

Pay Attention to the Selling Season

When the time to sell your home comes, you should pay attention to the selling season. Most families also wish to move during summer, usually to avoid disruption to their child’s school year and so look to buy in the spring season. When you have your home ready to sell at the end of February, this maximizes the chances of your selling to this group hence attracting the perfect buyer.

Get Your Home Valued

Another valuable advice before you sell your home is ensuring that you get an accurate valuation of your property. Often, agents tend to inflate the prices in order to win instruction, but that is not how it should be. You have to consult appropriate estate agents who will offer the best prices without adding their values. Know that estate agent are experts in their field and they would provide you realistic valuations that will get you the best price, and sell your home in the best time. If you are in a position to wait, you can take your time and discuss with your estate agents.

You should know that valuers are experts in their field and they will be able to give you a breakdown on the current market conditions as well as offer you some tips on how to sell your home when you need to sell it.

Instruct a Solicitor

Once you have a house in mind, you should ensure that you take all legal aspects into account. This includes choosing the right estate agent and finding a suitable solicitor to ensure a hassle-free and smooth sale. The good thing is that the internet is a suitable place where you can search for local solicitors or check in your area prior to bringing them on board. However, you can always consult your estate agents to guide you on finding the best one that meets your needs as well.

Getting to put your property for sale is not something difficult or expensive at all. It is just that sometimes you as the owner are too worried about your property and have no clue on how to set the right price or carry out the documentation process. For further assistance, you can also consult your friends and family who must have gone through this process before.

Making A Turnaround In The Conveyancing Process

Property Lawyers In The UK- Making A Turnaround In The Conveyancing Process

Are you sure to manage your property conveyancing without the property lawyers? Well, you are running a real estate business in the UK and have to deal with multiple properties, it is better to seek the guidance from the property lawyers in the UK. Buying or selling a property is altogether a stressful and challenging task. You must be sure of implementing the right tools and resources for handling a conveyancing process. But the services that you can get from the property lawyers in the UK are incomparable and distinguished.

Why Hire The Property Lawyers In The UK?

The property lawyers in the UK provide the efficient and transparent conveyancing services and take the responsibility of managing all the legalities and avoid you from all the sale related issues. You can feel highly safe and reliable on taking the conveyancing from the property lawyers in the UK. Not only they will assist you but also makes you free from all the complexities of a conveyancing process. Even some people have a wrong perception that the property lawyers in the UK cost huge charges, but once you take support from the professional solicitors, you can feel the real difference. In fact, taking conveyancing by your own can be more expensive than hiring the property lawyers in the UK.

How To Choose A Property Lawyer In The UK?

Adopting the property lawyers in the UK is no more a tedious task if you make the right efforts in finding them. It is recommended to look for the experienced conveyancing service providers and to analyze his previous financial record before making any final decision.

So explore the web and find the most feasible and unparalleled conveyancing web service. After making the right decision, you can surely get the fruitful results while connecting to such platforms.

Right property price

How to Set the Right Rent for your Property

Many people have lost a good opportunity to sell or rent a home because they were not informed during their decision making process. One of the most important aspects of putting a property on the market is the amount you ask for it.

Being far too ‘creative’ with setting your rent can hurt you in the long run. It doesn’t benefit you to have your property on the market for several months- empty. For one, you are going to spend more maintaining the upkeep and this could affect the value over time. Not to mention months of no revenue. If you have one month out of 12 empty and the rent is £1200 per month you are making £1100 per month on average. Isn’t it better to set the rent at £1150 and rent it out immediately?

Online property company The House Shop, which has its own valuation service, says homeowners should do proper research about their property and work with a professional to arrive at a price that’s suitable for both parties (landlord and tenant).

The following steps are important to consider when setting a price:

1. Appeal to the general seeker

The property market is not an easy one, and to ensure you are not the only one interested in your property, consider adopting unconventional methods. Do a thorough research on the average rental price for homes in your neighbourhood, and set yours at a reasonably discounted price. This will stimulate the majority of seekers in the area. This method is especially effective when you want to sell or rent away immediately. You might also get a lot of offers if you are selling, and that will force the price up.

2. The right price depends on the desirability of the unit

Always be savvy about setting a price for your various units. It is counter-profitable to fix a one-price fits all for the units in your property, simply because they share the same building. Unless they are exactly the same, you could lose money. Your rent should depend on:

  • The apartment view- does it overlook the sea, or the main city centre?
  • Renovations- have you recently upgraded the unit?
  • Layout- design and plan
  • Floor level- A top floor apartment may be more desirable than a bottom one.

 3. Don’t get too creative with your price

It’s not unusual to see the recommended retail price (rpp) of a flat screen TV set at £799.99. There is a reason for this and it doesn’t exactly work in property pricing. Therefore, I was surprised when a client whose flat, between the range £700 and £800 and month, was asking for £797.97. Setting your rent at such an odd price draws attention, and not in the right way. More like how you would consider an indigo painted house. Keep your price simple, and beware of leaving traces of the ‘seller’ around.

4. Pricing is a continuous discussion

Always pay attention to your agent, they have an in-depth idea of the property markets, so expect to keep a discussion going. Being adamant about your price could hurt you eventually. It is disappointing to have a property sit so long in the market. Open your mind to alternatives, and note that pricing depends on many factors:

  • Other rental prices
  • The nature of your property
  • The market at the time
  • The neighbourhood

By being flexible with your rent charges, you make room for more opportunities and increase your chances of renting.