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Top tips for selling your home

Ok, are you getting ready to move home? Everyone who sells their home wants a quick sale and the best price. Sounds good? Luck has nothing to do with making it happen. Preparing your home in advance, to look its best, as well as planning for viewings carefully will lead to that speedy sale and top price that you want.

What follows is a guide to preparing your home, to make it saleable and attractive to potential buyers. Try not to be subjective and emotional; this is only a house, bricks and mortar, just like any product in a shop. It’s not your home. Let it go, and look to the future, when you’ll move on and this house will no longer be yours.

Have in your mind’s eye the moment where you hand over the keys, and various paperwork. Bid farewell to each and every room, and look to the future, and where your new home will be.

You should make the walls bare and pack everything personal away; make the house a blank slate. This will help buyers to imagine their own photos, ornaments and other personal things in the house. How can they do this if your things are in the way? Don’t let buyers get distracted – make them say to themselves “I can imagine living here.”

It’s astonishing how many people are hoarders. Think about it; if you haven’t used something for a year or more, do you really need it? If not, throw it out or give it away to a charity shop, family member or friend. Put away the books, the kitchen utensils, and all your bits and pieces. If an item is essential for every day use, have an ‘essentials’ box easily accessible, which can be hidden under the stairs when not needed. You’ll have to pack anyway in the end, so this will be a good start!

Naturally, buyers will be nosey. They’ll look in cupboards and drawers. If there is clutter, what message does this give buyers? On the other hand, if everything is organised and tidy, it says a lot about how much you look after the house. You should therefore make sure dishes are neatly stacked, shirts are hung together, and your shoes are lined up and paired properly. These little things make a big impression.

Most houses look better with minimal furniture. If things look cramped; for example, the hallway, you’re not showing your house at its best. If you’ve emptied your bookcases, put them in storage. Simple steps like this will make rooms appear more spacious. Make sure there is plenty of room for buyers to wander around, whilst still making clear each room’s purpose.

To help your house look as well maintained as possible, take the time to repair any minor issues. If there are holes in the walls, patch them up. Fix any doors or windows that are difficult to open or close. Make the effort to paint walls neutral colours. There’s nothing worse than a buyer remembering your house for a green bathroom or pink bedroom!



4 Useful Tips to Prepare Your Home for A Viewing

These days, putting a home up for sale is a daunting affair for most people. The property market isn’t exactly the seller’s market at the moment. Especially following expert speculations that sales will slacken this year. Nonetheless, houses will be sold and people will buy. It is up to you to make your property among the lucky few.

It’s all about getting the advertising right and then completing the sale with the viewing. Companies that do internet marketing for real estate agents stress the importance of getting online listings right. But that only gets people into the house. You then need to get them prospective buyers to commit.

The little things matter

For the most part of property sales, many homeowners put a lot of effort into major activities such as the pricing, listing, market research, refurbishments and so on. However, few pay attention to those little activities before the viewing.

Many home purchase decisions are made during the viewing. A study few years ago, revealed that the average buyer looked at 10 houses before making a final decision. You want your home to be the one that stands out in a series of viewing.

The same report also showed 74% of viewers selected a home based on the room layout or design. 85% of buyers admitted that the ‘house itself’ was the reason they purchased a property- as opposed to the neighbourhood and external factors.

This shows that as a seller, you have significant control over whether people buy your property or not. Here are some preparations to make ahead of a viewing. You can tip a prospective buyer’s decision in your favour.

  1. Work on the exterior

In a house viewing, first impressions count. Unlike other meetings where you have a second chance to make a good impression, you’ll never have one with a house viewing. The curb is often the first thing prospective buyers see when they pull up in front of your house. Do you have a good curb appeal? Depending on the season, ensure that your lawn is freshly cut, leaves raked, or the drive way shovelled in winter.

  1. Remove all clutter

In any house, clutter is one of the most noticeable things to a visitor. You may be ‘blind’ to it because, it is your home. But it distracts buyers. Areas that are usually guilty of clutter are the entry ways, corridors and stairs. Before your home viewing, remove any obstacles in the way. Items such as useless cabinets, shoes, old lampshades, mail and so on should be put away.

  1. Check the kitchen

The kitchen is a major deciding factor in property purchase. Work thoroughly to make your kitchen appealing before you open your home to any viewer. This doesn’t necessarily mean carrying out heavy renovations. Some important repairs and fresh paint work will do. Clear the tables, empty the trash and remove the stickers from the refrigerator. Dirty dishes in the sink are a definite no no.

Tip: Remove any hint of personal items from your home, and it will more likely be sold.

  1. Check for odours

One thing that can write off a home in seconds is a bad smell. This enhances the importance of removing wet carpets, checking for mouldy growths and clogged plumbing. These features make a home smell. Do you have pets? It advisable to take them out. Avoid smoking (if you do), and other odour inducing activities prior to a viewing.

For good measure, bake some cookies to serve your guests on arrival; you can’t go wrong with a nice pastry aroma. Seriously, a homely feel can make the difference- just don’t burn them.

It’s all about setting the environment.

What other suggestions do you have? Let us know.

Article source: The House Shop


Real Estate Sales Guide and Tips

There are many things you need to consider in today’s market when you want to sell a property, but overall the basics of the business remain the same as they have always been, owing strong roots to common sense when it comes to making a property desirable to potential buyers. Although it does have its own set of unique challenges, you would still have enough experience in most cases to make a sale without stumbling on too many issues in the process. The following tips and this guide will give you more information you can work with:

• The first and most important thing you need to remember to deal with is proper maintenance for your home before you place it on the market. There will be no point in attempting to sell something that simply lacks the good looks and appears to be in poor repair. A good buyer will also need to see your entire home before they can even consider making a purchase. A potential buyer will also want to look at each room and its condition, so you would do well to address even the smallest of issues, regardless of whether it has been a problem before or not. Broken doorknobs, pipework, ductwork and more will only make your efforts to sell the property harder than they should be.

• You will also need to consider getting some staging completed for both the exterior and interior of your home. A simple coat of paint will go a long way to make your home look far better overall. The more comfortable you feel with the look of your place, the better the end results will be when you try to sell it. You would do well to stick to neutral colors and hues, as this will allow you to reach out and touch more potential buyers on the market as you go forward. The more comfort you have, the more interesting the place will be to your buyers.

• You should stick to a reasonable level of a price for your property. There are many ways buyers today stay informed, so an unreasonably high price for your property will spell doom for your sales efforts. Make sure you avoid that by working your way toward making the price relevant to local properties and what they have to offer. A difference of about 10% will give you a chance to sell, especially if you favor these 10% lower than the initial price you were going for. You will not need to wait for too long if your price is reasonable lower, so consider that as you move forward with your plans.

• Make sure you also remove all unnecessary items from your property, making sure the property is kept clean and looking its best as you move forward. Deal with carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, furniture cleaning and upholstery cleaning all in one go to ensure you have a great-looking location. You would do well to make sure you have removed any traces of your previous life in your property as well as keeping it neutral in terms of colors and decorations. People will be able to project what they plan for the property that way without your belongings getting in the way.