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World’s Best Smart Cities

We should know about the features of a smart city before pointing out the best smart cities of World. The word “Smart” includes good management system, transport, health care, good relationship with the citizen, water and wastages etc. A smart city also has digital technologies, modern electronic equipments, and other numerous facilities. A smart city is also known as knowledge-based city, information city, mesh city etc. A smart city is that which solve these problems by their intelligent technological infrastructure. Here some best smart cities of the world are being discussed:

Vienna - Vienna has all the qualities to be a smart city. It has well-equipped infrastructure, eco-friendly city, information technologies, smart transport system. Vienna’s efficient planners use very improved programmes like Smart Energy Vision 2050, Action Plan 2012-2015, Road Map 2020 to make Vienna bold smart city.

Chicago - Some parts of the city are developed as free wi-fi zone and fast broadband. Not only that the city is also announced as   “City as Platform” which refers to the governance easily can contact with the public and collect necessary data. These features establish Chicago as an improved innovated smart city.

India - Airwil Organic Smart City is a newly developed township project which proves itself in every sphere. It designs almost 75 acres land to provide the best quality services and to improve the city lives by fulfilling the requirements of the citizen. Greater Noida has been developed with high class technologies, amenities, greenery, eco-friendly environment, nice residents and well-improvised commercial fields. The residents and tourists enjoy the entertainment packages as there are many club houses, shopping malls, IT spaces, retail shops and restaurants. In a word, Noida has become magnificent due to this smart city concept which is fulfilling the basic requirements of the people all time.

Toronto - Toronto is an active participant among Clinton 40 megacities. It has a good transport system and has all the transit facilities around the world. Recently Toronto has started using natural gas and this becomes so interesting because it gives power to the garbage trucks of the city.

Rio-de-Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro is known as a centre of operations. It uses a forecasting system that continuously reports about the weather, topographic surveys, rain fall. The city has a smart system market and it is also a eco-friendly nature.

Paris - The main facilities which has highlighted Paris as a smart city are digital governance, hi-fi technology, green atmosphere, and also low-carbon economy.

New York - New York is a very important smart city as it invests modern upgraded technologies to make their resources efficient. It has recently launches IBM Business Analytics Solution Centre in 2009. Using innovated and well-techniqued communication, it solves the water and energy, transport, and health problems.

London - London has maintained its tradition and reputation well. Car parking services and map data is available in each and every road. Modern technologies like smart phone apps make the citizen more comfortable with the services provided by the city.

Image credit: Daxis