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How to create an illusion of space

It’s no surprise that most home buyers are more attracted to houses with plenty of space than cramped, tiny studio apartments. But even if your own property is small, there are plenty of ways to create an illusion of space by following a few simple hints and tips. Reigate estate agent, Robert Leech says, “By using the right colours and designer tricks it’s possible to make any room look bigger and more attractive to buyers.”

The first thing to remember if you’re wanting to create an illusion of space is that light colours are your friends. Creating a white canvas immediately makes a room look bigger and more airy, but if you’re looking for something a little softer try light neutral tones, tinted whites and pastels like pale creamy yellow. Using the same colour paint on skirting boards and window frames will add to the illusion, opening up the space and fooling the eyes into seeing a larger area.

Make the most of mirrors. Designers have long used mirrors to create an illusion of space, and today there are a multitude of styles and effects to choose from. A large full length mirror is a great way to open up a room and immediately reflects light; another handy tool for making rooms feel bigger.

Use the same flooring throughout. “Having different coloured floors in each room can make smaller spaces seem cramped” says Garrett Whitelock, estate agent in London Bridge. As well as creating a slightly chaotic, mismatched effect. If each room has the same type of floor, your living space will flow much more freely and feel larger.

Hang your lighting low. Although it may seem as though low lamps will make a space seem smaller, it can actually have the opposite effect. As Lawsons and Daughters says, “Keeping lights at around eye level creates fewer shadows, which is particularly handy if you’re looking to sell during the darker Winter months. “

Don’t skimp on the curtains. Clever use of curtains and blinds can also help your rooms look bigger- use a curtain pole that extends beyond the length of the window to create an illusion of space and lighter colours also makes the room feel lighter and brighter.

Clear the clutter! One of the biggest enemies of space, clutter can make even the grandest living room feel cramped and claustrophobic. According to Wimbledon estate agent Robert Holmes, “Clutter is a sure fire way to scare potential buyers off. Very few people want to buy a house that’s full of junk, so clear away as much as you can and keep surfaces clean and tidy if you’re serious about selling.”

Following these simple tricks won’t just help you sell more quickly, it can also have a positive impact on your home’s value. You Choose Windows says, “An untidy house can make buyers drop their offers by around £8,000, so if you want to get your asking price it’s wise to be tidy!”


Luton and the East of England leading the way in rental increases as commuters spread further from London

A growing prevalence of longer distance commuters into London is starting to have an effect on the amount of rental income that investors in emerging towns and cities are able to get on their properties, it has been reported.

In recent years, people who work in the capital have been moving away from London to live, and it’s no surprise why when we consider reports from the Land Registry that suggest that homeowners can save £3,000 on property for every additional minute they commute into the city.

It’s similarly beneficial for tenants to live out of London to save money on housing costs, and for this reason, many people in the private rented sector have been gravitating away from the capital for the last few years. But while for years this meant looking at homes in Essex and Greater London, the spread of commuters is now widening, as value becomes an important consideration.

And as the commuter belt for London workers extends ever further beyond the M25, off plan property investment in growing communities like Luton are reaping the benefits. For those who have invested in Luton, low initial purchase prices and growing demand from young professionals looking for rented properties in particular, means their income and yields improving all the time.

While in London the cost of renting a property has been falling in recent years – it’s down by 1.06 per cent in the year to the end of July – places like Luton are thriving. According to the latest data from the Landbay rental index, Luton tenants are able to get themselves somewhere to live for as little as half of what they would be paying for an equivalent property in the capital.

And as a result of this, more people are now willing to tear themselves away from the capital to live in emerging commuter towns like Luton. The knock-on effect of this is that these towns see more demand, which breeds competition, and means landlords can ask for more for their properties in the future.

Landbay reports that in the 12 months to the end of July, Luton led the way nationwide, with rental prices up by an impressive 4.23 per cent year on year. This helps to deliver far higher yields for investors than they might get elsewhere, and positions Luton as one of the best, and one of the highest potential, areas in England to invest in.

“With rising inflation and rock bottom interest rates it is little surprise to see demand in the more affordable Home Counties rising faster than pricier parts of London and the south-east,” said John Goodall, chief executive officer of Landbay.

“Naturally these surrounding areas are starting to experience a surge in rental prices, creating a ripple effect out from the capital. There are of course a number of factors at play, but as yields tighten in the capital landlords may well be branching out to the East of England in a bid to meet this demand,” he added.

A record £1.5 billion worth of private investment in the Bedfordshire town and its new-found Enterprise Zone status have helped improve the perception of Luton. Improved infrastructure and train links have also helped to boost the popularity of Luton as a commuter belt town, with more people realising the benefits of commuting via train into the capital for work.

“Investors have cottoned on to the fact that renters are no longer willing to pay the high price of renting a small room in London when they can rent an apartment or house in a commuter belt town. With London just 22 minutes by train, Luton has emerged as a hotspot for renters and investors, who are no longer willing to pay the high price tag for property in London,” Jerald Solis, Business Development Director of Experience Invest explains.

“As private investment continues to grow, we expect that Luton will emerge as London’s most sought-after commuter belt town for property investors,” he adds.


Living in Chelsea

We all know that Chelsea is well known for its fashionable aura, up market shopping and the famous football stadium. But what is it like to live in this chic West London area, located along the River Thames?

For those who are currently living in Chelsea, residents know that this place is host to some of London’s largest events and museums and home to various trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, which appeal to everyone. Here’s the inside scoop from Best Gapp, an estate agents in Chelsea.

Live and Let Buy

Chelsea is considered the wealthiest borough and is a prime residential area in London, offering a wide range of stunning mansion flats and stylish townhouses, while there are many riverside flats and houses alongside the Thames.

So if you are looking to live in this prestige area make sure you can afford it. The properties will be characteristic and of high quality, but you will be paying a first-class rate for this location.

Fine Dining

The majestic borough of Chelsea is famous for its successful, multinational atmosphere and has some of the greatest shopping and dining spots in the whole of London.  If you want to indulge in afternoon tea and cakes or enjoy a fine British a la carte menu than head over to Bluebird Restaurant, where you can also relax and enjoy a Bloody Mary, cold pint of beer or a champagne cocktail.


If you are willing to splash out with your cash, than unwind at The Chelsea Day Spa which offers a selection of treatments from manicures and pedicures to waxing to massages to fancy facials.

Or for a more in depth relaxation experience, head over to Ushvani, which was voted ‘best UK day spa’ this includes an oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Chelsea. This luxurious spa offers a pool, treatments and steam facilities which are suitable for both male and female guests. You will be sure to experience the perfect mix of spa extravagance, soothing therapies and supreme service.


We are all aware of the famous National Army Museum in Chelsea, right? This historical attraction not only educates but inspires, challenges and entertains the public; giving a real insight into the British Army and how it affected the culture, government and laws of society. If you want to brush up on your history knowledge, than this is the ideal place for you.

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