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What Every Tenant should Know about Renting a Home

What Every Tenant should Know about Renting a Home

Renting a home is not always easy and straightforward despite what some people may think. There is much to consider if you want to avoid potential problems with your landlord and with the place you are renting.

You will do well do be prepared with information about tenant responsibilities and rights to ensure a stress-free experience in your rented home. This is especially true if you are experiencing a removal and you want to have peace of mind about the place you are going to stay at. Here are some things you definitely have to consider:

  • Research the neighborhood – before you even decide on your relocation to another part of town to rent a property, you should be familiar with the neighborhood it is located in. You will do well to know if it is safe and what security measures the landlord must provide. Discuss such issues and see to it that the information is included in the contract.
  • Carefully read and understand the lease – see if the lease you are going to sign covers all of the important details. That includes information on how you can terminate the agreement, whether there are rules for pets, guests and visits, whether and to what extent the rent you are paying covers the bills. Make sure you understand all of this before you hire house movers to transport your stuff to the new place.
  • Negotiate the rent – do not just take the first price you are offered. Often times the property you are presented has some damage or flaws, which can give you some room to negotiate.
  • Get all agreements with your landlord in writing – there might be some agreements you make with your landlord, but it can be difficult to prove them, if things come down to court. Every promise they make you should turn into written agreement, as this will be of your best interest.
  • Know the responsibilities of your landlord – the property you are moving to should have adequate living conditions and features. The water, electricity and heating should all be in working order. If there are flaws, it should be your landlord’s responsibility to take care of them. Know what repairs they are responsible for, such as normal wear and tear. On another note, your landlord should provide you with a notice whenever they want to come for a visit and inspection.
  • Learn all you can about security deposits – getting your security deposit back is one of the most important things you as a tenant will want. See if the landlord requires deep clean of the place before you hire a man with van service Pimlico. Inspect if there is any damage to furniture, walls and floors and make sure you provide adequate repairs. Take some photos of the place to have proof of what condition you are leaving it in.

It is by knowing such details that you can ensure your renting will be trouble-free. There is also a chance that you will be able to make a better deal, which is not an opportunity you should miss.

Top 10 renting tips

Top 10 Tips for Renters

Renting a home is a great option for those who are not sure that they want to spend their time in just one place, or for those who have not found the perfect home to buy yet. When the right property is selected and the right agent is used, renting can be a great experience. Using these tips, one can be sure that the experience is nothing less than the best.

Spend Time Researching

Investigate the area. Make sure that if you have children, the area is safe for them and in a good school district. Visit the prospective area and wander around on foot. You will get a better sense of the community and what life there looks like.

Utilize the Entire Rental Market

Check in with large firms, but also look into property management agencies as well as private landlords. This will ensure that you are not paying way above what is actually needed to cover the rent. Independent agents can be found with a simple online search.

Spend Time Looking at Properties

This is important to remember especially when hunting for a suitable property. You may want to hurry through the ones that don’t interest you, but don’t jump right away to a property that seems appropriate. Inspect it carefully and check all appliances to be sure that they are working. Make a checklist to have on hand.

Inquire About Agents’ Fees

Before making an offer on a property, ask the agent about their fees for references and credit checking. These fees can be competitive but should not be outrageous. If they are high, this could mean that the agent can try to get some of the deposit when you move out.

fig-2Carefully Choose who to Live with

That is, if the tenant is planning on renting with others. Money is known to be the most common cause of disputes between flat mates, so make sure that the budget is worked out solid regarding bills.

Price Haggle

This can be done with both agents as well as landlords. The tenant holds the upper hand, so you can make an offer yourself. This can add up to a significant amount when saved over the course of a year.

Set up Payments Properly

Paying the correct amount on time will put you on your landlord’s good side right off the bat. Make sure that any direct debits are set up correctly so that the money is not stuck in limbo.

Inventory the Home

As soon as you move in, and before actually moving stuff in, do a full inventory of the home. Any cracks, stains, holes, and the like should be noted. Anything of this nature will likely be taken out of the security deposit at the end of the lease.

If There Are Problems, Tell the Landlord

It is likely that they manage other properties, so they will not automatically know when something is amiss. Problems will be fixed at no cost to you, so do not hesitate to report a problem. Even something as simple as contacting a locksmith (in London or anywhere else) should be done by the landlord.

Be Vigilant About the Deposit

This should not happen, but it does. Have them prove to you what is being deducted and why so that you are not left wondering.

Renting in London

Renting out your property

The difficult economic outlook has hit London, and Londoners, hard. With this in mind it makes sense to make the most out of your home – even when you are not there. People who own houses in London are increasingly renting their homes out whenever they go on holiday – a clever way of boosting your income. All you need is a nice home – if you have, then why not rent it out to people who are visiting your area? Before doing so, remember to organise your house in order to ensure your time away is as profitable as possible.

Whenever you are expecting guests it is important to give your house a thorough clean prior to their arrival. Take all your more personal items and place them in a safe place – for example a locked-off room (or look into a hiring a specialist storage unit). Do not forget that your guests will need full access to all kitchen-surfaces and table-tops, keep these areas clear in order to make your guests lives easier.

Guests will want to feel like they are free to feel at home in your house. In order to encourage this feeling and make your guests feel as comfortable as possible it is important to provide them with some essential kitchen items (such as bread and tea). You can go even further in ensuring your visitors feel at home by writing them a friendly little note which explains that the items in your kitchen cupboard are for their use.

To enhance the goodwill of your guest, consider leaving behind a few small presents for their use. A box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is a great way to show you care. Any guest will consider this a lovely gesture, it is sure to make them want to recommend you to their friends. In fact, guests will often replace their gifts before they leave – they may even leave you a little thank-you gift of their own…

Remember your house is your showroom. Make sure it looks its best. Simple things like replacing any old furniture and tidying up exterior paintwork can make a significant difference. The better your house looks the more your guest will feel taken care of and will want to return!

Do bear in mind that accidents happen, keep this in check by leaving spare light bulbs and batteries. Remember to regularly maintain your electrical equipment – to prevent problems while your guests are nearby. It may be wise to leave a local contact number of a friend who is willing to call round in event of a major problem.

Consider providing your guests with some helpful tips for enjoying the local area. Keep your tips local – to help your guests get the most from their stay – recommend cafes, clubs and cinemas. They may value this information so much that they will recommend you to other people.

Your guests may find it useful to have a map of the local area. You could leave directions to well known tourist spots in your part of London. Help your guests by sharing some expert knowledge.